La Haye Sainte

La Haye Sainte

The farm of La Haye Sainte was of great importance throughout the battle of Waterloo, due to its location at the center of the battlefield she was of great importance to both Napoleons French and Wellingtons Allies.

For a large part of the battle she was occupied and reinforced by the troops of the following regiments & Battalions:
2nd Light Battalion KGL commanded by Major Georg Baring
1st Light Battalion KGL
– The light company (Jeager) 1/2 Nassau Regiment
– The light company of the 5th Line Battalion KGL.

*KGL = Kings German Legion (Hanoverian’s in British service)

The model i have build is based on the old Airfix model, i know its a bit to small, but to me its a tribute to the history of plastic/lead soldiers, and in my opinion Airfix is a big part of that history.


A small movie showing the light and smoke effect.

This model was made using:

   Airfix A50174 Battle of Waterloo 1815-2015 Gift Set 

The farm of La Haye Sainte has changed very little over the years, as can be seen in these pictures from the 1815 period: