War & Peace

War and Peace 2007   War and Peace 1966

War & Peace Leo Tolstoys masterpiece.

Many movies have been made based on his book, and the figures in this particular mini diorama are based upon the 2007 version and the War & Piece film series of 1966-67.
However though based largely on the 2007 version, the characters for most of the movies will look pretty much the same.

This diorama is a separate piece and no part of the Waterloo project. Although the story does play during the Napoleonic period, most of the characters are Russian soldiers, and there was only one Russian soldier at Waterloo (Commissionaire Lt-Gen Pozzo di Borgo). This diorama was already featured earlier in a blog post (read here).

The following characters are represented in the diorama:

– Field Marshall Michail Illarionovitsj Golenisjtsjev-Koetoezov
– General Prins Pjotr Ivanovitsj Bagration
– Prince Andrei Nikolayevich Bolkonsky
– Count Pyotr “Pierre” Kirillovich Bezukhov
– Count Nikolai Ilyich Rostov
– Anatole Vasilyevich Kuragin

And some soldiers of a random infantry regiment.